Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Night Out On the Town

Tonight Jared and I really needed to get out of the house. It had been really rainy and bleak all day. My mom had her birthday yesterday so I had a good excuse to go into town to get her a fun gift. Jared is not a shopper at all so I had to twist his arm...but he came! We went to "the square" which is right by Ole Miss campus and is a popular place to shop. I hadn't been there yet, and was looking forward to walking through some of the stores to see what they had. It is such a cute place to shop! It reminds me of Jackson Hole and a little bit like Park City. Jared had me on a time limit of one hour to find a present. (This was the only way I got him to come!) He said he was going to make me go to Home Depot and walk around for an hour afterwards. Ha-ha! ") I ended up finding a really unique gift I thought. (Can't say what it was just in case my mom reads this.)

Then we went to this really neat restaurant in Taylor which is about 20 minutes away from where we now live. We were looking forward to eating there because we had heard great things about their catfish and fun atmosphere. It's in a little Podunk town and had southern written all over the outside and inside. I felt so dumb that we forgot the camera! We should have taken some pictures. It really was a memorable evening. The waitress forgot all about my salad and served a huge group of touring old ladies first...which kind of had me irritated, and the piece of chicken I ordered was charcoal black and as dry as could be! Yuck. I'm not usually one to complain but it was not edible! So the service and the food was not top notch. But it was fun to experience a real southern restaurant. Jared seemed to like his blackened cat fish and french fries, so that was good! But next time we are hungry, we wont be eating there. ")

Sunday, August 17, 2008


We're in Mississippi! Jared has been here in Oxford, MS for a little over 2 weeks. They drove across the country in a big Penske truck with all our stuff. On their way they were able to visit a few church history sites, so that was fun for them. Some good bonding time I think.
He got us all moved in with the help of his dad. Thank you Frank for your help! I am so lucky to have Jared as my husband! He worked so hard to get everything put together for when I got here. He did a fabulous job.

This is the Winter Quarters Nebraska temple that Jared and his dad visited.

This is Liberty Jail in Missouri. Another church site Jared was able to visit.

While Jared was hard at work getting us settled, I stayed with my mom and dad for about a week and a half to see my little sister get married. I had planned on helping but the week of the wedding I had a Dr.'s appointment that was a little scary. I went in at 32 weeks for a prenatal check up. I was a little concerned that the baby wasn't moving as much as I was used to but didn't think too much of it. They did an ultrasound and it turned out that my amniotic fluid was pretty low. They put me on bed rest and regular testing twice a week...the day before Jared was supposed to leave! We still had sooo much to pack and clean that night! I was not happy about it. But what do you do when your baby is at risk? Jared and my mom were so great. They packed and cleaned everything while I sat in bed with a book. I've never felt so helpless and guilty before. My little brothers also were so sweet to carry stuff to the Penske as well as clean. I was so so greatful! Thank you family for you help! It was a crazy time, but somehow they got everything packed and Jared left the next afternoon.

Me at about 30 weeks prego!

My mom was so great to take care of me while I stayed with her. She waited on me hand and foot and took me to all of my Dr. visits. She never let me get up to do anything! It's so great to have such a wonderful mom! I had a great time hanging out with my family. It was like I had never left! I miss them so much. But this will be a fun adventure for Jared and I. Luckily, my mom will be out in a few weeks, to be followed by my sweet mother-in-law. It will be nice to have help with the baby.

Lauren's wedding went well as did the reception. Congratulations Laur and Mason! Oh! And also congrats to Scott and Heather!
I arrived just this last Monday. It is a beautiful area. It is very green with trees and with that comes a lot of rain! We live about 15 minutes from town and the campus. Our house is darling! We are so blessed to be able to have our own home. Jared did such a great job picking it out!
This is our house!

Unfortunately I've been on bed rest for the last three weeks so I have been unable to see or do much. I am really going crazy I think. I am ready for this baby to come now! I am 35 weeks now. I can't believe the baby is almost going to be here! Jared and I are very excited and can't wait to see what he looks like!
I'm going call it a night. Now you'll be wishng that I never updated my blog! Ha-ha! I'll update ya'll when I've seen more of this fun little town!