Sunday, November 7, 2010

October Happenings

In the Parking lot of the church for the trunk-or-treat.
Trunk-or-treat activities inside the church...

At the Zoo Boo Christian was looking in at some farm animal...can't remember what it was.

I'm sad this turned out so fuzzy. This was Christian at the Zoo Boo in Memphis. I was trying to get a quick pic of him by the kitties. I think it freaked him out that their heads moved!

The pictures always upload out of order! This is Christian having a fit when I put the dragon head over his head on our way into the zoo. He's such a mild tempered child.

This is our little guy a couple weeks ago. Jared was letting him lay in bed with him while I was out for couple of nights, I think he was getting used to it. So the next night I'm home kneeling in his room for prayer and he runs away from me, into our room, gets in our bed and pulls the covers up all comfy cozy. Pretty funny little man.

My baby helping make jack-o-lantern sugar cookies for the trunk-or-treat. Yum!

This year Jared went out and bought our pumpkin. I was pretty impressed. I wasn't so "on the ball" with pumpkin carving this year. He carved a cat on our pumpkin, free handed! It turned out really well.

Our little boy scraping out the guts.

I took Christian and little Jet (Who I babysit every day) to a pumpkin patch at a little church in town. Notice he is wearing no shoes. The little poop wouldn't put shoes on and screamed when I tried putting them on. So, he went without. :)

He was pretty excited about the "baby" pumpkins.

Getting ready for the Trunk-or-treat

He was NOT happy about the dragon head going over his head.

First off, the reason for the lack of good pictures of Christian, is that he is a stubborn little toddler and didn't like being in a costume. He was super cute as a dragon though, I have to say.
Despite not having many pictures this year, we had a fun Halloween.
We wished that they would have switched Halloween to Saturday so we could have trick-or-treated in our neighborhood this year, but due to an Ole Miss vs. Auburn football game that was on Saturday, they kept it on Sunday. Football is a really big deal in the South.

Fortunately we had a couple of chances to enjoy some of the festivities this year!
We took Christian Trunk or Treating at the Church activity last Wednesday night. He loved carrying around his little pumpkin, he wouldn't let the thing out if his sight.
Then Saturday night I took Christian to the Memphis Zoo Boo. He loved it! He really got the hang of saying "trick-or-treat." It didn't take him long to figure out that that was all he had to do to get the candy in the bag. He screamed every time I tried to take his pumpkin away. He kept on eating all the candy! He is a treat-o-holic, like his mother. I have no doubt he would have eaten it all if I'd let him. Jared didn't make it because he got a ticket to the football game. We missed him but were glad he got to have a fun night out.

Jared was trying to catch Christian doing a little dance with the Frankenstein doll.