Friday, November 20, 2009

I don't think I'd call this an entry.

Alright, I'm pretty ticked because I just typed a bunch of stuff about what we've all been up to since I left off 6 months ago....and when I went to cut and paste, my computer wouldn't let me paste it!! Arrrg. Also, you will notice that the pictures are in no particular order. It wont let me drag the pictures and switch them around. So you'll just have to enjoy them this way cause I'm done for the day!!

We made these cupcakes for Christian's 1st birthday party. There were also some little sheep ones...not sure where that picture went to?

The after math...

He is pretty sweet to share his cake!

It took him a couple of seconds to realize that he was SUPPOSED to dig in, but he caught on!

Clean hands and face, but not for long!

We made him a little birthday hat but he wouldn't keep it on!
I was lucky to get a picture!

Opening a present with mommy

Opening a present with daddy

This is Christian's grandpa Prisbrey. This last summer we were able to visit him for a day!

He fell asleep like this while watching a Baby Einstein movie in grandma and grandpa Egginton's room!

Daddy and Christian going down the hydro tube at the St. George city pool. I have a lot of memories of that place from when I was a kid. I spent so many oven roasting summers there!

An afternoon at Bear Lake. The Cutler's brought their sail boat and we were able to take a wack at it!

Grandma Egginton and Christian on the porch of the cabin at Bear Lake this last summer.

This was the beginning of June I think. He still looks like a baby here! Already he was getting into trouble!