Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Big Boy!

Our little Christian is not so little anymore! Just Last week he started trying to crawl. He has now perfected the art. And he knows it! Yesterday he crawled over to the open dishwasher, pulled himself up to his knees and started pulling the utinsels out. I couldn't believe it. He has gained a lot of confidence now and is all over the place. It happened so quickly! I have a feeling he is going to be quite the little trouble maker. I really have to keep my eye on this little guy!

Lets see...we had a really nice Mother's Day. We spent it with some friends of ours in our neighborhood. (The Burchfields.) They invited is over to their house to celebrate not only Mother's Day but also to celebrate their little baby girl, Ellyn, being dedicated in their church. It was so nice of them! They are such a wonderful family and we really enjoyed spending the day with them.

Last Wednesday our fridge went out! So we had to run around crazy trying to find places for all our food. We are so fortunate to have some good friends in the neighborhood that willingly let me keep our freezer and refridgerator food at their houses! We are still waiting today for the repair man to come and fix it. I am so ready to get the ice chest out of the middle of my bathroom and back out into the garage!

What's have we been up to lately? Well, I get to spend a lot of my days playing with Christian and keeping the house up.I really enjoy it and feel so blessed to be able to stay at home.
Every Wednesday I teach violin. I'm still running every morning. It is so nice to have that time to myself!
Jared finished finals last week and is getting ready to teach a class the first part of the summer. We are so proud of him and his accomplishments!
June 24th we get to go home for a month! We are looking forward to that.
Sorry this entry is so long, I didn't realize it until I scanned the whole thing over. Hope everyone is doing well!
We went for a swim at the Britt's apartment complex. Jared dunked Christian into the water without testing the temp. first! It was freezing. Poor baby!
A little family photo by the pool!
Duane Britt holding the twins, Taylor & Tyler.
Kristy and Tyler.
I tried getting Christian to sit in his rocking chair for a cute picture and he was not having it!

I can't believe I got a picture with his hat on! He is always trying to take it off!

This was him yesterday getting into the dishwasher.

My baby is crawling!!

We gave him his first french fry two weekends ago! Don't you like his new cute hat?

Trying to take his hat off again!

Mommy and Christian.

I can't believe my luck! This last Saturday he was striking poses like this for me all day! He usually is too captivated by the camera in front of my face to give me smiles like this one!