Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Novemeber Events

Jared and his prize turkey! I let Christian play in the snow when it snowed one day. Can you tell he LOVED it?

Had to get a picture of this. ")
Amish country, playing in a fun wooden train!

Christian & Brinley
Feeding a lama. I showed Christian it's teeth and he kept saying, "teeth, teeth."He was very concerned that the animal had such big teeth!

Us at the Liberty Bell.

I sware we took 50 pictures of these two and we couldn't get them both to look in even one picture!

Outside the chocolate factory in Hershey Pennsylvania

At the hotel in Ashevill, NC. Not sure who is more excited? Jared or Christian?
We hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving! As for us, we had an unusually eventful one this year. Jared was asked to speak at a finance conference in Ashville, NC on the Friday before Thanksgiving. They offered to pay him a little money to help with his travel expenses. We decided it would be fun to take the trip as a family and continue on to Philadelphia, where Jared's sister lives. He also wanted to visit a part of his mission in Hartford, CT. The trip was filled with driving, more driving, movies, more movies, and a lot of good food and warm memories.

While Jared was at his conference, Christian and I somehow found our way back to the area our hotel was at. We found a park and played, (notice the pictures of Christian playing in the leaves)
ate lunch at a Mexican restaurant with amazing tortilla chips and salsa, walked through the expensive shops in town, and took a nap back at the hotel. That night, when Jared was back from his conference, we ate a delicious meal together and then packed up for the rest of our long journey.
We arrived in Philadelphia on Saturday, and took a quick tour of the Pennsylvania Hershey chocolate factory. Which was fun. Later that evening we made it to Jenna and Greg's apartment, where we spent about 4 days with them. During our stay we made it into the city where we ate Philly cheese steaks, saw the Liberty Bell, drove through Amish country and bought yummy jams and saw Amish people in their buggies, had a delicious Thanksgiving feast fit for a family of 15, and let the Brinley and Christian play, play, and play! It was a fantastic Thanksgiving with the Carr family. Thanks so much for having us!
We were also fortunate to visit a close friend of Jared's, whom he had met on his mission in Connecticut. Father Crowley was very sweet, he took us to lunch and then back to his home where Jared and Father Crowley reminisced on the old days. This ended when Christian couldn't keep still enough anymore! Which wasn't long.
On our way back to Mississippi, we stopped in Alexandria, VA where my grandmother lives. It was very nice to spend time with her and my aunt and uncle.
We had a great trip across the country, Christian did great!
And I have to mention that I really appreciate that my husband drove most of the way! I love you babe. ")